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A lot of BIM modeling work is outsourced to countries in Asia. Your contracting partner might be a company in the UK, Germany, Italy, or The Netherlands, but most of the work is probably not done by them. So why not use our capacity directly? We offer you the same professional online Project Management Tool.

The process is simple.
  1. Gather all information necessary to make a succesful (CAD/Revit/Archicad) project possible. We help you with the steps necessary. See below.
  2. If you think you have all information complete, ask for an account in our Project Management Tool.
  3. Upload all input files and click on "Input complete".
  4. We will check, give you feedback and an indication of the price (like: 350 - 430 euro).
  5. If you agree, sign the contract we sent you.
  6. Project will be delivered in the Project Management Tool: you can check and accept, or ask for revision(s).

If the revisions are due to modeling mistakes on our side, there will of course not be any fee.
If the revision is caused by wrong input, there may be additional costs. Small changes can be free of charge.

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Project request form

Can you give an indication of the number of unique types (houses/floors), or the number of repeated work. For example, if we are modeling an apartment complex of 12 stories and all floors are identical, it actually means we only have to model one floor. Or if we model a street of houses, where most houses are the same, it is much less work than if we have to model each separate house.
What documents are available to provide us with the necessary information to model the building?